On January 6, 2021, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed new rules banning or restricting five persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substances.  Unlike prior TSCA actions which largely applied only to the production, processing, and importing of chemicals, these new rules include restrictions on substances present in articles.

The restriction on substances present in articles means that many manufacturers are being impacted by the TSCA for the first time. Two of the five substances, PIP 3:1 and DecaBDE, have been found to be used in electronic equipment. As such, the new TSCA restrictions are expected to cause significant disruptions in many electronics manufacturers’ existing supply chains.

Considering penalties for violating TSCA regulations can be as high as $37,500 per violation, per day, GreenSoft is recommending producers review their products for risk of noncompliance.  GreenSoft has made TSCA PBT rules available for import into GDM which allow users to evaluate the status of current parts and products against this regulation, as well as to identify parts with risk of non-compliance due to gaps in existing data.

This document will demonstrate how to use the TSCA rules in the Browser Edition of GreenData Manager® (GDM) and Hosted GDM software to determine if your parts and/or products contain restricted TSCA PBT substances.